Pond Plans

I generously received a pond form a couple of years ago from a fellow native plant enthusiast who had decided that she would prefer a larger pond. This was exactly what I was looking for; the right shape, size and style. Unfortunately, it would require a great deal of digging, which meant I needed not only the time to dedicate to this project, but also the physical ability to accomplish the task in a timely manner once started.
Well, the time has finally arrived. The hole was dug between breaks in the clouds...could it possibly rain anymore! It is in the ground though it still requires the addition more soil around the lower side (it was placed on a slope), and then I can get the pump and filter in place and fill it with water. Needless to say, I'm excited, but during the process I have realized something...
I do not know a thing about native plants for ponds! So there is definitely some research to be done.
In the meantime, if anyone has some good suggestions for plants native to SE PA that would do well in a small pond (approx. 250 gallons) and could share some resources for purchasing these plants, it would most appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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