What is on Your Nightstand?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have attended a few different events where I listened to different individuals sharing details about the books they are currently reading. After speaking with numerous people, I leave the functions unable to remember the names of the books that were so highly praised. This leads me to my request.
I would love to compile a resource list of recommended books which we will store and share right here on our blog!! Please take a few minutes to consider which books you have read that you feel would be a great nature read (non-fiction or even fiction pertaining to nature) or even a wonderful reference book.
You may either post within the comments or send me an email at blog@habitatresourcenetwork.org. Please include the title/s, author/s, and whether the book is fiction/non-fiction/reference.
For example, since I love butterflies and moths, one of my most used books is:
Caterpillars of Eastern North America by David L. Wagner, reference book
Happy gardening and reading!

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HRN Host said...

We have a good, though still small, list started already! Please take a few minutes to send us a comment or email with your recommendations as well!

You will find the link to this resource under the Worthy Links on the right!